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Snow Golem Drops Health Attack strength
150px-Snow_Golem Heart
0 (9px-Empty_Heart.svg) (only pushes mobs back)
3 (Heart9px-Half_Heart.svg) to Blaze
1 (9px-Half_Heart.svg) to Ender Dragon

“Snow Golems are friendly to their creator. They are created using pumpkins and snow blocks, and will throw snowballs at enemy mobs. As Snow Golems move, they can leave a trail of snow on the ground.”


Snow Golems have to be created manually. You have to vertically stack 2 Snow blocks and place a Pumpkin or Jack ‘o’ Lantern on top of it.


Snow Golems will throw snow balls at mobs, except for Creepers and aggressive Wolves. It won’t do any damage except to Blazes and the Ender Dragon.


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