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Slime Drops Health Attack strength
150px-Slime Grid_Slimeball Big: 16 (Heart x 8)
Small: 4 (HeartHeart)
Tiny: 1 (9px-Half_Heart.svg)
Big: 4 (HeartHeart)
Small: 2 (Heart)
Tiny: 0 (9px-Empty_Heart.svg)

“A slime is a hostile mob in the shape of a green cube in various sizes. They are able to see the player through solid blocks, and will always try to move directly toward players without regard for obstacles or hazards. When killed, a slime will split into smaller slimes. When those slimes are killed, they will drop slimeballs.”


Slimes spawn in Swamp biomes and can also spawn in caves from level 0 through 39.


Slimes are similar to Magma Cubes. Once killed, they will split into smaller Slimes.


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