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Iron Golem Drops Health Attack strength
150px-Village_Golem Grid_Iron_Ingot
100 (Heart x 50) 7 (HeartHeartHeart9px-Half_Heart.svg) to 21 (Heart x 10.5)

“Iron Golems are large, strong utility mobs. Their main purpose is to defend villagers in villages from hostile mobs and siege attacks. They will try to protect villagers from getting killed.”


Iron Golems can spawn in Villages consisting of 10 Villagers and 21 houses. They can also be created manually by placing 4 Iron Blocks in a “T” shape and placing a Pumpkin or Jack ‘o’ Lantern on top.


Iron Golems will defend Villagers by attacking mobs. They will also attack you if you hit the Iron Golem or repeatedly hit Villagers.


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