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Horse Drops Health
Horse 15 (Heart x 7,5)
30 (Heart x 15)

“Horses are passive mobs that can be tamed. There are three different in-game Horse variants: Horses, Donkeys, and Mules. Zombie and Skeleton horse variants also exist.”


– Horses and Donkeys: only in plains and savannas.
– Mules: must be created by breeding a Horse with a Donkey.


– Feed two adults golden apples or golden carrots.


“To tame a wild horse, approach it and right click on it with an empty hand. You will climb on top of it, and will likely be thrown off. After a few attempts, it will allow you to remain on it and will give off heart animations. At this point you can dismount it by pressing the sneak key and place a saddle on it, or you can place a saddle without using the sneak key at all by right-clicking on the horse with the saddle in hand.”


“Once you have tamed a horse and put a saddle on it, you can control it with standard directional controls and the mouse (Please note that a horse can be mounted without a saddle, but can not be controlled, similarly to how a pig with a saddle can not be controlled without a Carrot on a Stick).

Horses can be made to jump, and holding the jump key allows you to charge your jump. Horses are not affected by Jump Boost beacons. Sneaking causes you to dismount, as does going in water deeper than two blocks.”


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