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Ender Dragon Drops Health Attack strength
EnderdragonFlying Overworld
(Heart x 100)
Peaceful: 0 (9px-Empty_Heart.svg)
Easy: 6 (HeartHeartHeart)
Normal: 10 (Heart x 5)
Hard: 15 (Heart x 7.5)

“The Ender Dragon is the first official boss mob to appear in Minecraft (with the second being the Wither). It only naturally spawns in The End. This mob uses the dragon model Notch created, but utilizes a texture more reminiscent of an Enderman, being black and scaly with purple eyes. It is widely acknowledged as the main antagonist of the game.”


There is only one Ender Dragon in the game, which is located in The End.


The Ender Dragon will destroy any block it touches, except for Obsidian, End Stone and Bedrock. When you enter The End, a purple bar will appear at the top of the screen, resembling the Ender Dragon’s health. It is healed by flying near Ender Crystals, which are on top of the Obsidian towers scattered accross The End. When killed, the Ender Dragon will drop 12,000 experience (enough to level from level 0 to level 78), a portal to go back to the Overworld and a Dragon Egg nearby. The Dragon Egg will teleport when you touch it, but there are ways to mine it. Going through the portal will roll the credits and you will spawn back at your bed.


The most common and easiest strategy to defeat the Ender Dragon is to destroy all of the Ender Crystals before attempting to fight the Ender Dragon, as any damage done to the dragon can be quickly undone by the crystals.


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